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What is Air Freight?

Air freight, often known as air cargo, is a kind of transportation that entails the delivery of goods, commodities or commerce through aircraft. It is an essential component of the global logistics sector and is used to ship a wide variety of goods including consumer goods, electronics, perishables, and industrial equipment.

Advantages Of Air Freight

air cargo

Cargo Aircraft

Ocean freight is more cost-effective than other modes of transportation. It is more cost effective when we ship large quantities of goods or bulky items. It is specifically suitable for less profit margin.


Documentation and Regulations

Cargo shipping have a high capacity, allowing them to transport a high volume of goods in one voyage. Containerization has increased further efficiency by standardizing cargo sizes and handling.

Cost Considerations

Transportation of high volume at lower cost is beneficial for businessmen. This provides incentives for businesses to engage in international trade and benefit from economies of scale.

Tracking and Visibility

Ocean freight enables global trade as ships can access ports and regions around the world. It is a reliable means of connecting markets on different continents.

Types Of Air Frieght

General Cargo:

This covers a wide range of things including consumer goods, electronics, apparel, and industrial machinery. By far the most typical kind of air freight is general cargo.

Express and Small Package Shipments:

This category includes small and lightweight packages that need to be delivered quickly. Services like overnight or sameday delivery often fall into this category.

Valuables and High-Value Cargo:

Under CNF terms, the seller is responsible for covering the cost of delivering the goods to a specific port of destination. It does not include insurance

Oversized and Heavy Cargo:

Large or heavy items that cannot fit into standard cargo holds, such as industrial machinery, vehicles, or oversized equipment, are transported as air freight using specialized cargo aircraft.

E-commerce Shipments:

Many small and medium sized items are sent via air freight due to the increase in online shopping in order to satisfy customers need for quick delivery.

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