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What is a Shipping Label?

A label attached to a box or shipment that provides pertinent information about the contents, destination, and other important details is called a shipping label. It usually contains the tracking number, package weight, dimensions, sender and recipient names, and any special handling instructions. For logistics and transportation firms to effectively route and deliver shipments to their intended destinations, shipping labels are essential. Frequently, they come with barcodes or QR codes that may be scanned to track items during the delivery process.

How do shipping labels work?

A shipping label contains important information for the carriers to direct your package to the right place. The barcodes are scanned at every facility to provide a detailed shipment status to the parties involved in the package. 

Every carrier has its own template when it comes to shipping labels. These are designed to make their sorting and shipping processes easier. 

Sender Address: This includes the address of the sender or company that is shipping your goods from the origin destination. 

Recipient Address: This includes the full address of the receiver’s home or company to which the package is delivered. 

Date of Shipment: This section contains information regarding the date the package was shipped from the origin destination. 

Barcode: A barcode is a collection of bars, letters, and numbers that provide information on your shipment with just a scan. 

Tracking ID: This is a unique number that recipients and senders can use to track your package on the carrier’s website. 

Weight of the package: This section includes the weight of the package as provided at the time of shipment at the origin destination. 

Dimensions of the package: This section includes the dimensional of the package as provided at the time of shipment at the origin destination

Shipping Service (Priority Mail, Same-Day, etc.): This section tells you the type of service that was chosen to send the shipment from the origin destination. 

Unique Package Code: This unique numerical sequence is used to track the location of your package until it reaches your destination.

How to create a shipping label

Making a shipping label is a simple process that may be done in-person or online. Direct label creation with the carrier is possible. You may quickly print your prepaid labels from our website here at SMPL Worldwide. To find you some of the best deals on both domestic and international shipping, we collaborate with all of the top carriers.

Our process is simple. Follow these steps to print your shipping label in seconds.

  • Schedule your shipment on our website  with sender and receipt information along with package and payment details
  • Download and print prepaid shipping labels from any regular printer.
  • Drop off at the nearest drop-off location (FedEx, DHL, and UPS) or arrange a door pickup

How do you write the shipping address on a box?

It appears easy enough to write down the address of your recipient. However, it must be carried out carefully and cautiously. When writing the shipping address on a box, take your time and carefully follow these instructions.

  • If you are scribbling your address, choose the box’s largest, cleanest face to write it down. 
  • Make it more simple to read by using waterproof, opaque, dark permanent markers.
  • The sender’s address is usually written in the box’s upper-left corner, and the receiver’s address is in the middle of the box. 
  • Do not use commas or other punctuation marks between the lines. 
  • Include the zip code to ensure accurate delivery.

How and where to place the shipping label?

Whether your item is only a box of contents or includes documents, make sure the labels are on top of it so they can be completely viewed and quickly inspected at different checkpoints. Make sure the barcodes are easily readable, and for further security, enclose the label in a plastic wallet.

That’s it! You’re now ready to create and place your shipping label on all your shipments.

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