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Ocean Freight Services: Your Global Shipping Solution

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Ocean Freight

What is Ocean freight?

Ocean Freight, also known as sea freight or maritime  shipping, refers to transportation of goods by sea using a vessel. It is one of the most common and cost-effective methods of shipping goods internationally or across long distances. Ocean freight plays a crucial role in global trade. It enables movement of a wide range of products, raw materials, machinery, vehicles, consumer goods and many more.

Advantages Of Ocean Freight

Ocean freight cost effective


Ocean freight is more cost-effective than other modes of transportation. It is more cost effective when we ship large quantities of goods or bulky items. It is specifically suitable for less profit margin.

High Capacity

Cargo shipping have a high capacity, allowing them to transport a high volume of goods in one voyage. Containerization has increased further efficiency by standardizing cargo sizes and handling.

Ocean freight scale

Economic Scale

Transportation of high volume at lower cost is beneficial for businessmen. This provides incentives for businesses to engage in international trade and benefit from economies of scale.

Global Reach

Ocean freight enables global trade as ships can access ports and regions around the world. It is a reliable means of connecting markets on different continents.

Types Of Ocean Frieght

Ocean freight types of fob

Free On Board - FOB:

When a sales contract specifies FOB Origin, it means that the responsibility for the goods and the costs associated with them transfer from the seller to the buyer at the moment the goods are loaded onto the transportation vehicle at the seller's location (usually a factory or warehouse).

Cost Insurance And Freight - CIF:

Seller is responsible for transporting Goods at destination port. It includes insurance for goods. It is one of the safer ways for exporting goods across the globe.

Cost And Freight - C&F, CFR:

Under CNF terms, the seller is responsible for covering the cost of delivering the goods to a specific port of destination. It does not include insurance

Types of containers For Ocean Frieght & Ocean Shipping

Ocean freight 20 ft

20 FT - Standard Container

Ocean freight 40 ft

40 FT Dry Container

Ocean freight 40 cube

40 FT High Cube

Ocean freight flat rack

Flat Rack Container

ocean freight Open top

Open Top Container

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Ocean shipping Process

Ocean Freight Book

Booking and Cargo Preparation

Shippers decide to transport goods via sea and book space on a cargo vessel.

ship 5

Documentation and Customs Clearance

Shippers prepare accurate documentation. Customs clearance procedures are followed at the departure and destination ports.

Ocean freight loading

Transport to the Port

Goods are transported to the nearest seaport, often using trucks or railroads.

Ocean freight shipping

Loading and Shipping

At the departure port, cargo is loaded onto the cargo vessel, either in a full container (FCL) or consolidated with other cargo (LCL).

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ship 7

Voyage and Tracking

The cargo vessel begins its ocean journey, and shippers can track its progress using tracking systems.

Ocean freight unloading

Arrival and Unloading

At the destination port, cargo is unloaded from the vessel, and customs clearance and inspection may occur.

ship 8

Last-Mile Delivery

Cargo is transported to its final destination, whether it's a warehouse, store, or customer location.

New Project

Payment and Documentation Settlement

Shippers settle payments for shipping services and exchange necessary documents for compliance and record-keeping.

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